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Amalgame #3 • States of Love

Merci à Sarah Whittaker pour sa voix…

States of Love

Four states of matter are observable in everyday life What about Love? Love is strong and solid Love flow as water Love is as light as a breath And Love is elusive So does Love belong to matter? Or matter belong to Love? It’s a matter of love…

Love… Breath of the gods Love remains where matter withers Love… The main matter of gods God’s matter! I fall in Love I fill my Love with you I fall in Love I find my Love in you I fall in Love I fill my Love with you I fall in Love full of you…

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Amalgame #2 • Photons

Video background from: https://archive.org/details/Photons

MIT Professor John G. King uses the photomultiplier and the oscilloscope to demonstrate that light shows particle behavior. He describes the photmultiplier, demonstrates amplification, and discusses the reasoning required to understand the final outcome. For more info on PSSC, its history, and films, visit http://www.afana.org/psscfilms.htm

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